Favorite photography song...

I always find it interesting when different forms of art and media crossover, like a photograph of a painting:

Last night I was looking for songs about photography and came across Kodachrome by Paul Simon and it is an immediate favorite for the 'genre'. My favorite line has to be "everything looks worse in black and white" :) What are your favorite songs about or referencing the taking of photos?

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Photo credits: Brad Calkins, Maen Zayyad.

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Like that one of Tango Party by Mani33
So colourful and lively.


That could work - "You give us those nice, clipped, highlights..."


Hummm... I wonder if I could write a new song...

"Momma don't take my dslr, momma don't take my dslr, momma don't take my dslr away..."

Nope guess that doesn't work.

Great post Brad!


Oh , afterthought re your favorite line , "everything looks worse in black and white". Lol. That definitely revealed that Paul Simon never knew a rat's ass about photography., lmao .

I don't think he's talking about photos here - I take 'Black and white' as the reality of the present, as compared to the memories that are colored by his experience, imagination and dreams - in 'Kodachrome'...


How about "Photographs and Memories", by Jim Croce. It is my favorite.


Ok, I'll play..

Photograph - Ringo Starr

Picture in a frame - Tom Waits


"I wish you were here
So we could walk and talk
In the soft rain, soft rain, soft rain
Now all that's left of us
Is a picture sitting in a frame"
Picture Frame by Ben Harper


This is a great post! I LOVE Kodochrome and Paul Simon. Kodochrome and If You'll be my Bodyguard are two of my all time favorite songs. How about "Do you want to take my picture" by Filter. I love the song and the message.


and here's one that my progressive band used to do, lol.. nostalgia..
"Into the lens" (Yes, from album "Drama"), which was actually from Buggles "I am a camera".


Here is one to go with my Tango party!

Thanks for using my image Brad :)


here's another one , Brad..
CLASSICS FOUR "TRACES " ... "faded photographs... "

and another , STEELY DAN "PEG"... i think the lyrics went like.."done up in blue print too, it sure looks good on you... and when you smile for the camera... you know i love you better".


what about this one? :)

Photo song...


Oh , afterthought re your favorite line , "everything looks worse in black and white". Lol. That definitely revealed that Paul Simon never knew a rat's ass about photography., lmao .
If so, he would have had quickly written another song that corrected that statement by saying, " ... except for Ansel Adam's images ..."... and called the song , "Zone VI" or to a much much lesser degree, "Ilford".


Yes, I agree, Kodachrome has to be THE PHOTOGRAPHY SONG as Paul Simon truly sang about everything that is truly the only slide film to use.
There is nothing to replace Kodachrome 25. And digital media has a long way to go before it even come close to a digital Kodachrome 25.
As for other tunes, I remember there was another tune called "Freeze Frame" that came out a little later. I can't recall the singer as I had by that time lost interest in pop music. But I did recall it was quite good.

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