Fear of the dark! ... Halloween is coming!

Finally, the month of the ghost, of the corpse, of the lost souls has arrived!

As being born and lived all my life in Transylvania I`m warning you that these thing exist for real!!!

Witches flying over the full moon in search of little children to scare, dead bodies rising from their grave in search of fresh blood, bats taking the shape of humans and behaving like vampires...all this creepy things do exist!

And, I forgot to say something, they only exist in everyone`s imagination :)

So, let`s see who has a sicker imagination!

This are my concepts of scary things for this Halloween! Show me yours! :) And have a wonderful Halloween this year!

Photo credits: Andrei Moldovan.

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October 11, 2010


congratulations and great one

October 05, 2010


Wow! Excelente imagini! Bravo!

October 02, 2010


Thank you all for your appreciation! Thank you Mythja for adding my illustration to your collection :)

October 01, 2010


Great Halloween shots! They rock :)

October 01, 2010


Lovely halloween illustrations.

October 01, 2010


great. one of them is in my Halloween collection. Third one. :)

October 01, 2010


Very cool Halloween illustrations! :)

October 01, 2010


Great images! I have some haunted photos in pending area.

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