Feather tutorial

I'm constantly amazed with what actually sells here at dreamstime and sells very well for that matter. One such subject is the humble feather. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I certainly can't understand what it could advertise but the amount of sales the subject has wouldn't you want one of your own? I thought you would. Just follow this simple photoshop tutorial and with a little imagination on your part you could be coming up with something like these.

© Atman
© Tihis
© Jefras

Good luck and enjoy

Photo credits: Agencyby, Atman, Alex Kalmbach, Catalinus, Joao Estevao Andrade De Freitas, Milosluz, Olgalis, Tihis, Victor Burnside.

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September 01, 2007


Nice images and 14 sales combined for them all. Just goes to show you what will sell.

August 31, 2007


My hummingbirds and feathers have done pretty well also. So unusual. I wish the designers would link me to what my designs are used in, as I would really like to see the finished work. =)

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