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A big hello to all the DT friends, and another very big one for the site admin and site feature specialist. I have one request, I don’t know if its an valid request or no: (Would like feedback from DT Users), Wouldn’t it be better if people can buy images and vectors without being a member of the site, I mean to say, anybody who visit the site can buy an image directly without buying credits, they click, its goes to any other payment options then using pre purchased credits. Why I'm suggesting is that, recently during my latest work as freelancer I suggested my clients to look for photos in DT and buy them, they were hesitant, no we don’t want to buy credit and buy image. What happens to my credit if I don’t ever require another image? was their reaction. Is there anyway a client can buy just one image, directly using pay pal or any other method. Finally we had settle down for some free site that means one potential contributor to DT lost a business. Just imagine if this numbers in millions around the world, so good chunk of revenue is lost. This has happened to be several times. So if DT can make this provision, but instant image, even one through paypal.

Will really appreciate the input and feed back from all DT users,

Photo credits: Creativei, Dietmar Hoepfl Jun..

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November 20, 2008


Yeah I'm aware of this, but don't you need to be a registered user to create lightbox and then proceed with buying. What I meant is non registered user comes in, likes some image, clicks on buy image, takes him to payment options, or register(if he wishes), then goes to paypal, does the payment, back to DT, download the image, doesn't it sound simple Tangie???

November 20, 2008


There is such feature on the site. You can add the images in a lightbox and there is the option for Buy and Download. There is a minimum amount of $10 or actually 10 credits required but they can download the images they want without having to purchase a credit package and be left with unused credits.

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