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So I log into Dreamstime today and am about to drill down into the site when I notice the "Featured Contributor" space had an image similar to one of mine. I click on it and sure enough, it was one of my images! Then I notice the name of the contributor is the same as mine. I click into his portfolio and there are all my images! This guy has stolen all my images and my nickname to boot!

I've sent an email to Support asking how this could happen because there is no way I could ever be the Featured Contributor. Maybe an imposter, but not me!

Seriously, though, I have been humbled by Dreamstime and the community for this special and unique recognition. All I can do is say Thank you!

I really don't consider myself to be a good photographer. I see so much talent with everyone, especially with many on the new Contributors. I think perhaps if I have any edge for competing in a tough business, it comes from working decades for American companies. I'm familiar with marketing and selling so perhaps the experience helps to overcome my lack of photography skills, at least when it comes to stock.

A "past life" has also given me experience in character development, story lines, and visual communication. A successful stock image should communicate a concept, have the right body language, and "pop." Most of my images actually fail in this regard but I strive to improve. Photography is a craft for which there is always a higher level of learning to achieve.

When it comes to the "business" of stock, it pays to be unique. It pays to put a fresh spin on old ideas. And you can have fun being creative by experimenting and trying new ideas.

So, thanks DT for this special honor, but I have to go now. My friends are coming for me. :-)

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November 28, 2013


Thats great! Congrats!

November 26, 2013


Well deserved! Love your images. Hope to see more :-)

November 11, 2013


Nice portfolio and very nice concept images! Many are very funny too! Congrats!

November 10, 2013


very well deserved,Congats

November 08, 2013


About time - congrats!

November 08, 2013


Congrats! Best of luck for future! I just want to know how much your sale boosted after becoming featured contributor?

November 07, 2013


Well done and well deserved!!

November 06, 2013


Well done! Congratulations.

November 06, 2013


very nice post! Congrats ;)

November 05, 2013


Congratulations you deserve it.. Your images are amazing.

November 05, 2013


Dreamstime makes recognition of the "originality" and "creativity" to choose you as a Featured Contributor. Very well deserved recognition, congratulations!!!

November 05, 2013


Congratulations!You really got very nice images so you deserve to me there!

November 05, 2013


Congratulations! I always thought that you are one of those who truly understood what it is stock
photography and never gets tired of giving sincere advice to newcomers ;-)
Well deserved :-)

November 05, 2013


Yeah, I thought someone had stolen some of your images and your name too. But then I figured no one could be that stupid:) I am really happy for you--you deserve the recognition. And hopefully you went out to celebrate, with your models. They look like a lot of fun for an evening out.

November 04, 2013


Very good! For me and I'm sure for many here you are the Master! Congratulations!!

November 04, 2013


A superb happening. Congrats and hope it brings many sales to you. Maybe a nice boost just before the festive season :-)

November 04, 2013


You had me for a minute! Congratulations!

November 04, 2013


congrats, thats scare, thats internet and its always happend

November 04, 2013


Yes, you deserve it! As photographer too, don't be modest, your photos are very good, at the same level as your concept. Keep on the good work!

November 04, 2013


Huge Congratulations to you, Wisconsirart!! You deserve it very well!! :)

November 04, 2013


congratulations - and try not to be tooooo humble :)

November 03, 2013


Very Awesome ! Especially for someone from Wisconsin :) Congratulations Mate ! Your models rock, especially the old guy !

November 03, 2013


congrats! great portfolio.

November 03, 2013


Love your article and yes well deserved.

November 03, 2013


Well deserved!

November 02, 2013


Congratulations! Well done and well deserved!

November 02, 2013


Congratulations, a well-earned acknowledgement!

November 02, 2013


Well done and well deserved. You are also valued here for your "no nonsense" opinions regarding what is required to be a successful seller of stock photographs and also why so many photographers ask for you honest opinion as to why their images are not selling.

November 02, 2013



November 02, 2013


Congrats, well deserved!

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