February a $5.1 sales!

On the Dinner table dumplings

Since in February, DT to a new faces, make a person find everything new and fresh; However, the most worthy of my happy is one of my food photos to sell $5.1, very happy, here to buy my photos of friends say "thank you!" .

Sexy, pretty happy woman

Photo credits: Hanbaoluan.
  • Hanbaoluan
In the "DT" offer me the pictures of trading platform, first of all, let me the most sincere picture buyers say to me, thank you! Thank you for your appreciation of my photos and the approval, if you have the picture of the special needs and requirements to me, can send email to me, I will do my best to satisfy you.
Because I have a passion for photography, for many years, I have been in my; "Photography is an art, move yourself, can move others!" Motto in efforts to photography creation. Here, I will be in accordance with the commercial photo mode of thinking, to create more new photography.

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February 09, 2013

Thank you DT friends! Once again thank you buy my photos of customers!


February 09, 2013

Congratulations! Is it momo? (Because I like them very much and never miss a chance to have them while travelling :) )


February 08, 2013

Congratulations-nice photo. Hope you get many more the same.


February 07, 2013

Congratulations, great achievement.


February 07, 2013

Congratulations !! :)


February 07, 2013

You are good photographer, congrats !


February 07, 2013