Hello I only have 36 photos here.I would love for some of you great photographers to give me positive or negative feedback on my portfolio so I may get better.

Thanks in advance mccale

Photo credits: Dmccale.

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October 23, 2008


   Sunset    You are very good Sanshams You have some great stuff.I love this one.Thanks again

October 23, 2008


You are right, I love to receive comments to my images, feedback is absolutely the first I love on DT.
Your portfolio looks great. I expecially love the one in the assignement is very kind, you will have my vote. Your computer graphics is good too.
I'm not a great photographer maybe in the future but not yet.
Sorry if there are some mistake in the language but I'm Italian and I'm doing my best to improve.
Now I wish to know wath do you think about my portfolio.
Ciao Sandra

August 08, 2008


Thank you.
You two also have some great photos

August 08, 2008


Your images are very good. Just keep uploading and the sales will come. I only have eight images online and have had eight sales. Sometimes you get lucky and upload images someone wants.

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