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Thank You to everyone who reached out and responded regarding my adding their photos to my "Collection of Collections," and also thank you to those who responded regarding my images. You truly are a very class act.

I used to think I shouldn't email people because "they are busy and don't want to be bothered." Perhaps some are too busy, but not the huge majority who feel despite being busy they still love and appreciate the feedback. They want to be kept informed regarding how their photos are used, or to even simply be "thanked," for downloading their photo, or adding their photo to collections.

No matter how busy life gets, we're never to busy to receive (or send) a quick "thank you", or "love your photo", or "this photo would be great . . . " People thrive on feedback, communication, emails, comments, and response. I know whenever I receive an email with their "thoughts" about a particular photo - I'm thrilled that they extended their ideas to me.

Communication shows activity, and activity creates more activity. It's an attraction thing. Reach out and respond to your fellow photographer. Trust me, you won't be "bothering" them.

After all, Feedback Rules!

Have a Great Day!

Sherry Piatti

Photo credits: David Franklin, Sherry Piatti.

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July 10, 2017


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