Feeling old

You know, sometimes I read of the new generation people or meet them myself - people that had never seen a floppy disc. They ask: "What's that square on the Save button?"

I feel old. Ancient even)))

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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Audio tapes and VHS tapes are kind of gone, aren't they! :) We still tape things on a VHS tape, but I know a lot of people switched to Tivo and such.

I remember floppy disks--I even remember the larger floppies that went into A drives. :) Do you guys remember zip drives? I sold some old ones of those a few weeks ago on Amazon since we don't use those anymore. I have a lot of my old files still on floppy and had to buy a drive to plug into my laptop to use them. All my files since 2007 have been on CD though.

A repair guy at my workplace this week had a digital camera that used floppies instead of a memory card. I had never seen anything like that before. He wanted to put the floppy into one of our office computers to look at the photos, but sadly we didn't have one of those drives and my USB plug-in floppy drive was at home. :(

It was really interesting, though!


Doctors made house calls. Or were on call and would come back to their office at night.
Milkmen delivered milk and eggs and etc every day.


Gee! I remember when you could go to almost any market, test and buy replacement tubes for your black and white TV! WOW1


Oh, I had completely forgot about floppy, even though I have few of them, I was about to throw it, but though nope let me keep it so I can show my son.

Well audio tapes I do see them when ever i go out to the saloon, they still use them.


I'm with Heywoody, I remember playing with punchcards when I was in preschool. And I do remember 8-track tapes... man, I am old.


Hell, I remember punch cards :-) I even new folks who could read them.


Just thought about another one - black and white tv's (no color)


Audio tapes are ancient too? wow) In fact I still use them, so my family and some of my friends do. I've got floppy disc drives too (for 3.5'' and 5'' floppies), though I don't use them any more.
I'm curious about what my son will say about these retro things when he grows up))


You know what's funny? I even have a floppy disk drive on my laptop. But I don't even remember if I used it ever.

What about audio tapes? Is anyone here that still use this things? Well, I am sure I don't.


lol, if that isn't bad enough. how about when you try to look for a floppy drive and was told , "there isn't one on this computer... nobody use those things anymore anyway!" :D


I totally forgot about these... old enough to know them, old enough to forget about them, double tragedy! :-)


I wonder if this generation still know that TV can be switched on/off by a button not only by remote control!


You're not old unless you rememer 8 track tapes.


My wife and I were joking the other day about how you used to have to rent the VCR along with the movie :)


A few month ago I was in a Radio and TV museum in Fuerth (near Nuremberg)/Germany. Most of the kids didn't know, what's a record player or a tape-recorder. At least my thirteen year old son knew what's a walk-man ...


LOL my mom just asked some days ago: "What should I do with these? Should I keep them or would you need them?" I checked them and said: "Yes I can save my most important photo on them, but I need 5 of them for my photo." LOL Technology is changing so fast... :)

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