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Every day and everywhere it seems that getting us girls some unattainable visage of young, skinny, attractive women that wants to convince us that making something or getting something we will look as they are, that is of course true, but we buy it, why?

We want to look as those young girls even when they are at least nineteen and we are more then twenty five. Time is making everything against us, so what to do? I am now about thirty years old, I am getting older and sometimes I even feel that, but usually I feel like young, naive, twenty years old student. Having too many responsibilities sometimes depresses me, but it also reminds me that I am older then it seems, and I have something to do in my live.

So what about women “body parts stomach” searching get me some beautiful, healthy, young ones examples that seems not need to do anything to look good, then some ‘good looking’ not so skinny women but all of them are belly dancers,

© Teros
© Teros
and after deep searching at last I found normal woman not so skinny, not a belly dancer (I think), simply young, beautiful woman.

That what we all spouse to do work at your own body, eat healthy and of course have some wonderful, happy live and smile, laugh at everything and everyone that are trying to enforce us to be someone else with our body and mind.

Photo credits: Krothapalli1, Teros, Zdenka Darula.

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April 01, 2008


I have the same feeling, sometimes I feel I am old, but sometimes I fell I am young.
Women always make great efforts to keep body skinny, tinny, smooth nineteen’s

April 01, 2008


Hi Michael
I rather say about normal female body like mine for example, not some skinny, tinny, smooth nineteen’s, but of course I agree with you in hundred per cent.

April 01, 2008


I have to agree with you there is nothing better then a womens body part :-)

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