Female triptych

© Abv
© Rigick
Found some vector illustration that inspired me to write this article. Five illustrations of women subject could be like an art triptych compound of five parts, long images in white/black colors different from another, super idea for some collage. Black lines only bring out the characteristics of female nature like beauty, independence, fun.

They remind me some how sketches of Gustav Klimt in some modern way, especially the first illustration is disturbing but not so detailed and ornamental as Klimt’s but it is showing a woman look like see horse or mermaid. Second and third ones are also fantastic with more details in shadows. Then another one is more like dab of pencil showing some how a female silhouette and illustration of striped lines girl.

Photo credits: Ana Vasileva, Alexandre Dvihally, Paola Canti, Indos82, Anastasia Karamova.

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March 18, 2008


perfect article!

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