These are a few of My Favorite Things: Nikon 105mm f/2.8 AF MICRO-NIKKOR (1990-2007)

Its a micro lens intended for closeup photography up to 1:1 life size ratio. Although it is built for such, I personally use it beyond that need along with what is designed for.


It is a solid lens with no vibration reduction addition but that was what lenses used to be like during the 90s. At f 2.8 it focuses fast enough and bokeh rendering is great.

It has a great reach on a crop sensor camera body approximately 150 mm.



Has no visible distortions, great for any geometry and architectural use with no need for any adjustment in post processing.

Regardless of all the specs I mentioned in addition to what I didn't, this lens lived on my camera body for quite some time ... I adapted to its focal length and knew exactly where, when and what I personally need to use it for.

Butterfly on top


Heavy? a bit, but it balances well on any body when held properly ... no issues here. You need to use a tripod to get a sharp image when very close to the subject.

As I always say ... what one has, needs to adapt to, never take fully reviews of products. Always do test them, live with them and adapt to their flaws and you'll end up relatively happy with your gear.

Yes, like any prime lens, its always an issue replacing it with another for other situations ... but primes are primes and this won't change for some time if ever.

Prime lenses helped me get better photographs, because a fixed focal tends to make the photographer focus on the composition within the frame rather than easily control the content within. It may sound strange, but not having the ability to zoom to physically moving back and forth gave the sense of appreciation of the composition available where the flexibility of control within fades ... the content is realised in all its details and minor movement becomes the only action needed.

Hope you appreciate your gear and make best of it :).

Photo credits: Ghassan Safi.

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May 12, 2019


I have never used one of the non Vr but I love the 105 vr, over the last 50k shots I have taken on my D5 over 20% have been with the 105vr. Next on my list is the Nikkor 200 VR Micro

May 11, 2019


Exactly, my photography skills got better when I started using primes. 35 mm was my first.William, hope you can find a cheap used one of those ... discontinued in 2007

May 11, 2019


Nice photos. I can relate to your last paragraph. My photographic self training was with one lens only; a 50mm f1.8 Canon FD, used with manual focussing on a heavy Canon EF body.

May 10, 2019


The 105 macro has been on my wish list for about a year now. I think you've inspired me to take the plunge and spend the money! Thanks, William

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