Few reasons to brag or be proud about!

This may not be much for most of the DT contributors (more experienced and with a longer history here on DT) ... but for me, a two months old (DT wise) contributor with amateur experience, I have the following to be proud about:

- managed to get my first 250 images accepted with a fair ratio of acceptance of 66% (most of my rejections were motivated with "too many images from the same series");

- just got my 11th sale though I was pretty skeptical about any sales through my first few months;

- got my exclusivity with DT ... so ... a big THANKS to the DT admins!!

- last but not least I managed to make some friends here to share some experience and mostly to learn from.

So, while I'm bragging about these reasons, don't be shy, visit my portfolio and hopefully BUY (rhimes with "shy" :))

Photo credits: Imaengine.

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July 05, 2010


Congratulations, very good job! Good luck here on DT ;)

July 02, 2010


Congratulations, that's a great achievement in such a short time :) well done and good luck

July 02, 2010


Just a month and 10 sales !! Good work. I like that Noble Cheese with Wine

July 01, 2010


Well done! Congratulations your milestones & more sales will show up for sure! Cheers :)

July 01, 2010


Fantastic images......... you must be proud of this collection. David

July 01, 2010


Wow! You have a great portfolio! :) Congrats!

July 01, 2010


Great work! I wish you many more sales :)

July 01, 2010


Congratulation! Nice photos!

July 01, 2010


great photos!

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