Field trips

So what do you take with you when you venture into the great outdoors on a photo shoot?

Of course you have the obvious; a camera, maybe a couple of lenses (and I would recommend that one of those lenses be a 50mm, despite all the bad press, it is a brilliant focal length), a tripod...

But what about the less obvious stuff?

Spare batteries (especially if I'm thinking of braving really cold weather, batteries just don't last too long when it is cold) and a charger.

A flash with spare batteries as well. A flash is useful even when it is sunny outside, you may want to use it to fill in the shadows if the contrast is too much (I would recommend that you really try and learn how to use fill-in flash, it isn't all that simple but well worth the effort).

Also, if you can, take a couple of reflectors, for the same reason as the flash.

Take a torch light. Especially useful for night shoots, not only to help you find your way, but also to check your camera settings.

An assortment of filters (my favourite being a neutral density polarizer).

Once you get to your site, take the time to walk around. Get to know the place a bit, if possible check out a few brochures, look at the postcards of the local sights. Pick out a few spots you would like to photograph, and think about the time of day would best suit the photo you have in mind, and come back at the appropriate time.

So what else do you carry around with you?


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