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In line with the closing thoughts from last months message … [about the 2010wc]

We Are All Waiting!!! — But in the meantime, there are many waiting [in line] to try and snap up a piece of the action.

15th April 2010 — FIFA opens the last phase of ticket sales, the process of securing a ticket, this time around, which does seem to suit a very large portion of the population [those being without a computer or internet access etc] to book tickets, has seen a huge influx of people queuing for their tickets.

Failing computer systems, and a lack of information to the hordes of eager buyers, along with the pushing & shoving in the queues, had a rather negative impact on the first days sales turnover, as well as a bit of a crowd control matter at a few of the ticket sales venues. But for the most part, the excitement of the upcoming event does seem to have taken of land into it's firm grasp …

I it almost as though we wish the next two months [or the better part thereof] would just happen already, so that we [& the rest of the world] can get our fill …

Come One, Come All —

In the meantime for those that are not here [yet], here are a few images to wet your appetite for things to come.

These are just a select few that I have already uploaded, and there are more to follow. If you are interested, check in on my portfolio for more images …

Photo credits: Patrick Allen.

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April 18, 2010


Spain is my favorite :)

April 18, 2010


Have fun!

April 17, 2010


Nice shots,good luck with them!

April 17, 2010


Nice shots for a great event! Thanks for sharing & good luck!
Waiting for the uploads also! :)

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