FIFA 2010 World Cup Soccer _ Part 02

Well it's nearly time and I thought that I'd just say a quick thank you to those loyal patrons who have made use of the images that I posted a short while back …

There has been quite a fair level of interest generated over the images that were all accepted in the end.

Some of the most popular images …

Today I thought that I'd just give a quick heads up to say:

"I've collected my tickets !! & soon to be on my way to go to no less than three of the games"

Alas, as I am but a currently unemployed freelance operator, I could not afford tickets for any of the later [more prestigious] matches, like a quarter / semi-final or final. But I'm sure that the games that I have selected as my picks to view will be a thrill none the less. Best part of the whole experience is that the tickets were fully paid for by my dreamstime earnings from the past few months …

I eagerly look forward to the upcoming matches and naturally, I will go armed with my trusty steed [SONY A-200].

Look out for the new additions that I'm sure will be posted shortly after the matches attended.

I can only dream that I would still manage to miraculously secure ticket for one of the more prestigious games … but if not there is always the tele :)

In the meantime … I thought that there may be some people interested to see some images of the SA team in training session captured just the other day …

Until next time fellow DT'ers, keep up all the fabulous work … Our database continues to grow into the future & good luck to all those teams & may the best team win.

[Naturally I want SA to come out tops, but there are too many teams that I would be happy to see win, that it is just too tough a task to pick a winner.

Photo credits: Patrick Allen.

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June 06, 2010



June 04, 2010


Great shots.... I can't wait until the World Cup starts.

June 04, 2010


great shots, how exciting to see all the action :)

June 03, 2010


Wow! Great photos, Patrick!

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