Fill a gap or niche

Not to long ago I needed an image of a Mariachi for a poster.... right away I went on dreamstime and to my surprise found a very limited selection. Most were of some silly looking guy and others of a young boy wearing a sombrero (Interesting images but this is not a Mariachi).

I had to do without it and instead created my own illustration. I quickly uploaded my illustration and proceeded to create more, They are now online with dreamstime and available for your consideration.

I am happy to say the gap/niche is partially filled. I now find myself looking for such gaps to fill. It seems dreamstime is highly receptive to the type of images that they don't have.

Just a thought for your consideration. Regards!

© Rarpia

Photo credits: Rodolfo Arpia, Salvador Ceja, Vinicius Tupinamba.

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August 17, 2008


Thank you all, your all to kind.

August 16, 2008


great idea and nice shots you were able to create! best of luck with thtem!

August 16, 2008


Great shot, the U.S. style, I like!

August 15, 2008


Thanks studiocejia.. great tip ~ :)
there should be quite a few such niches to fill, especially relating to different cultures & ethnicity ..

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