Fill light skills when backlight filming

Photography is most appropriate filming light condition is frontlighting or side light, light conditions, shooting direction and light direction completely contrary, the foreground subject and

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background existing huge light and shade contrast, was filmed objects can appear more dark, easy to form shadow, backlit strong still can cause serious underexposed subject. Not to need to create a special effect of photograph, backlight is something not so ideal condition, then take some shooting filming backlight fill light skills can reduce the disparity.

1, use reflex or flash

When prospects and background of light than light, often can cause excessive exposure excessive or background, to reduce prospect underexposed prospects and background of light than, the key place is filling light, can use reflex or flash for prospect fill light, this is the most effective fill light technique.

2, using backlight compensation function

If a digital camera with backlight compensation function, using backlight compensation technology enables filming subject by backlight compensation and brighten. When filming backlight object, the press backlight compensation keys, when indicator appears in the viewfinder or inside of the liquid crystal display screens, can undertake backlight filming, when can clearly see the object to shoot, shooting, then click the backlight compensation key to relieve backlight compensating state, LCD display screen lights will disappear. But manually adjust exposure, backlight key is not work.

3, adopt manual adjustment exposure value

If a digital camera no backlight compensation function, the backlight filming, can open manually adjust aperture function, appropriate increase exposure value, also can achieve a goal.

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January 07, 2011


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