Filtering: how much is too much?

Hey everybody,

recently I uploaded this image which is one of my favourites of my recent shoot. It is the Capelo do Ferrel in Portugal (image ID 29327797). I added a slight filter on it to bring out the white of the walls and the clouds against the blue of the sky.

I know I'm opening up a can of worms here and I am aware of the different opinions circulating on various photography forums, but I wonder how much filtering is too much.

The reason I uploaded this image was because I see a lot of pictures on DT with serious filtering so I didn't think anything wrong with it. Obviously the pic was accepted, so I must've been doing something right.

I've also heard the opinion that the filtering should be left to the editor who purchases the image rather than the photographer (me). This is also a good argument.

What are the general thoughts of the DT community about this sensitive subject?

Thanks for letting me know.


Photo credits: Marcel Admiraal.

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March 09, 2013


That's why I like about DT since the beginning. They allow creative touch. And artists I've seen here so far are really an elite group of people with some seriously great taste.

While you questioning yourself - like the most great artists in history always did - you are actually taking even more steps forward to improve your skills. Which many people I know of would envy!

This photo is really a top quality one already with its composition and angle of view and your artistic touch added a wonderful feeling of depth and atmosphere.

March 03, 2013


I guess there are all kind of buyers, that's why DT accepts filtered images. By the way your image is very nice, good luck.

March 03, 2013


Well I think DT should allow filtering if it is technically perfect and has a very high stock value. The over-filtered rule shouldn't be applied everywhere.
Not all buyers can filter the photos themselves. If they could, they would all be designers or something, right?
Those who buy using subscription most probably know how to edit because they spend so much on photos. But those who buy using credits are those who need the direct thing. They need very specific things actually. Go through the photo requests area, people can't remove text or invert an image or crop out a region either.

My suggestion, if any admin reads this:
There should be a tree structure. If someone wants to upload one original image and a series of filtered ones, they should be contained under the same photo. The search should turn up only the original unfiltered thing but after opening the download page he/she should find other filtered one HDR, one with soft focus, etc.
Maximum 2 other filtered versions should be allowed and the reviewers should check it, like the additional format thing. If someone uploads an HDR egg or soft focus sharp knife, they get a rejection.
It would cost on resources...but...maybe this can be implemented some day. :)

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