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Finally 100 Images Online

After more than 4 months finally I have 100 images online on DT.

It's not a big deal for someone but it's a big deal for a newbie like me :)

Uploading picture one by one.

Got a lot of rejections in the first 2 months.

I have no idea about what stock photo is, so i learn a lot from forums. Reading through articles and manuals.

Quite a hardwork for me, feels like cutting a durian fruit with a not sharp knife.

But luckily i got a better AR in the 3rd month. It was like learning A B C, since i have no graphic design nor photography background, just a hobbyist who like to click the shutter :)

So here it is, my 100th image on DT:

It was an experimental one but surprisingly it was accepted.

So wish me luck for many more uploads and sales!!!

Photo credits: Kharyadi.

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August 06, 2011


Thanks Clickbeetle.
I'm still in my learning curve :) Can't wait for my first payout.

August 05, 2011


That's fantastic-congratulations, wow, that is pretty fast for a 'newbie'. Now you can keep building, keep learning and look forward to your first payout!

August 05, 2011


Thankks Angela.
Honestly i don't like durian, the smell is awful so i was wearing mask and quickly take some shoots of durian then put it outside my house :)

August 04, 2011


Wonderful! Keep going....
PS I love your Durian pic : ) Did you have to wear a mask to shoot that?!?

August 04, 2011


Thanks mas bro...ntar juga saya kebalap sampeyan...:)

August 04, 2011


wlah slamat mas, aku masih ngos ngosan ni,

August 03, 2011



August 03, 2011



August 03, 2011



August 03, 2011


Congratulations on the approvals have a really nice portfolio you will see that this continues and the results will come!!!

August 03, 2011


Pressureua: Wow...97 images but 160 sales!! Congratulations for you! :) You're a Master!
Thanks Mariaam, Cbomers and Z3ra7ul3x....... :)

August 03, 2011


Congratulations !

August 03, 2011


Congratulations. Nice images, especially like the one of the owner's manual.

August 03, 2011


I have 97 images online ^_^

August 03, 2011


Great achievement! Congrats!!!

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