finally 100 sales

Ten months later,sounds like lots of time,I finally reach the 100 sales;if I think I'm not a photographer and I start learning and looking to increase my knowledge about photography around an year ago...well,I should be proud of the result.

Never had the time to go to a course and when you do all by yourself,it even takes more time,lots of tries,lots of mistakes but I have always thought that the hard work is what makes the difference in the end.

So I go on with my steps,trying to do better works,enjoying to record the moments with my shots,exploring and looking around always with new eyes.

These are few of the best sales I have here:

© Yuritz
© Yuritz
© Yuritz
© Yuritz
© Yuritz

Photo credits: Yuritz.

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June 18, 2010


Well done, Iuri!

June 12, 2010


Great photos! Congratulations! :)

June 11, 2010


thank you all! :)
good weekend

June 11, 2010


Congratulations.... You have very nice images

June 11, 2010


Congratulations! :)

June 11, 2010



June 11, 2010


Great job in such a short time! Congratulations!

June 11, 2010


thanks Joezachs,I shot these pictures with the Nikon D3000,but have still few taken with the Canon Powershot,so depends what you're looking for;it's just a nice compact camera,but it works good.

June 11, 2010


Congrats on that Yuri.
I like that Mechanical Gear.
Are all your shots with the Canon Powershot SX20 ?
The reason I am asking is because I am going for the same camera. Would like to know your opinion about it.

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