Finally there are my new photos.

But unfortunately there are lots of refused photos. I think I'll have to buy a new camera. I hope hat this investment will compensate.

Is 3MP camera enough? I always used the highest resolution and everything looked good (but not in 100% size), but I agree that there are many many good cameras that are not so expensive. I would wish it as a present for my tomorrow birthday but I was promised a new notebook because I'm going to a university and I will really need it. But before that I have to pass my final exam at high school which I'm doing tomorrow as well. So there's another place for a gift. :) I hope everything will be okay. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

Greetings from Czech republic

Photo credits: Jaroslava Turková.

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I have a Sony Cybershot camera that takes photos at 7 megapixels - not anywhere near probably what professional photographers use - but it's good for amatuers like me! I want to get a DSLR someday, though! Maybe used would be a good place to look - thanks for the great idea, Aginger!!

Congratulations on your accepted photos!!!!! It took me over a year to have one accepted photo - but I did not have much time to submit because at that time I was also finishing up my education. Good luck and congratulations on your graduation!


I wouldn't buy less then 8 - you might want to upgrade it soon after if you get one less then that. there are some great options on ebay for not so much :)

good luck with your studies!!


I have some pics 4MP... old pics! And think that 3 or 4 MP is not enough...
My first "not bad" camera was Canon EOS10D 6MP. It was from second-hand sale..., still working... very good working camera...
But... that was not enough for me.
I wanted something faster and better quality.
So I started with Canon EOS 5D 12,5MP...
It's enough... At this moment :)

Greetings from Poland!


Good Luck with it...
Waiting for more...
8 megapixel is pretty good & not that expensive.

Cheers :)


Congratulation to getting images accepted taken with 3 megapixel camera. I have a few accepted taken with 5 megapixel. you probably should have 8 or 10 megapixel .Do research before you buy any camera whether new or used they all have different results. Lens quality is very important and you are better of with not to many in camera filters.If you have some camera's in mind try for comments on this site.Good people here. Peter


I think 3 MP is not enough...but I bet you can't buy a 3MP cam, it's really old-fashioned :)
At the other hand, I have lots of photos made by a 6MP compact Casio cam (all of my Portugal shots for example). If you haven't got enough money for a new DSLR cam, don't be afraid of buying a second-hand! Much cheaper and still working good - usually :)
And of course - good shots with good title, keep working!


I really hope so. :)


Come on :-)
Everything will be OK, I also think so !

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