Finally At 50 + Uploads And Am Now Exclusive + How Far Would You Go ?

Sorry I've been away for awhile but I'm now back and plan on getting back to full stride. This is my first blog entry in some time but in an attempt to get the perfect picture of massive waves breaking on shore in my home province of Newfoundland Canada, I got complacent and forgot to take into account that an ocean wave breaking on shore may be 20 to 25 feet as they were this day but when a wave that large comes in contact with a cliff face it mushrooms upwards to a height far more than the previously mentioned 20 or 25 feet. I was taking a picture of a wave in front of me but forgot about the waves breaking behind me and even though I was an estimated 50 to 60 feet above sea level the wave that took me out broke onshore and hit the cliff face where i was and mushroomed upwards well above my head and then collapsed on top of me knocking me unconscious and driving about 15 or 20 feet further inland. I myself had several cuts and scrapes as well as a busted knuckle and dislocated finger. It could have been much worse because if the impact of the wave had thrown me forward instead of sideways it would have thrown me off the cliff face and into the Atlantic Ocean and the end result of that would have not been in my favor.

I am not bragging about my experience this is meant as a most sincere warning that being in pursuit of the perfect picture is not worth physical injury or even worse your life !! My question is this, how far would you go to get that perfect picture ?

One last parting word and that is that my Nikon D60 did not survive this event and was completely destroyed but a camera can be replaced a person cannot. I recently purchased a Nikon D90 with a 18 -105mm lens and have just started using it recently and have found it very much to my liking. If anybody has any thoughts on the Nikon D90 please feel free to respond.

I also have just recently gone over 50 approved uploads and have now been accepted as an exclusive photographer for Dreamstime and I'm very happy about that. Please feel free to check out my portfolio and as always any advice is always appreciated.

Photo credits: Harold W Bradley.

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January 15, 2010


Congratulations! exclusive bring more money

January 14, 2010


Hi Harold, as you mention there are a number of benefits to the D90, its an awesome camera, and if you look at the last 3 images you have taken it handled the white snow and contrast extremely well. Your love for nature and your lifestyle are present in your images and although you may not be able to perform the same climbs etc as you have in the past you have done it (which some people cant say) and more importantly have the memories of those moments captured forever in your images. I find water in general very calming and for me waterfalls are God's extravagance when it comes to showing off his beauty with water. Good luck with the future shots with the D90, sure they will come out great.

January 14, 2010



January 14, 2010


Thanks for the well wishes Fultonsphoto and your right about the D90 and although I'm just beginning to get used to it I can see I made the right choice. The biggest selling points of the D90 to me at least are the 11 point focus system, the 12.3 mp DX sensor, 3.0 inch 920,00 dot resolution LCD screen, HD video capture, EXpeed image processing, 3D color matrix metering II, live view with face detection, scene recognition and the Nikon F mount which was a key point for me as it makes the D90 compatible with any Nikon lens from 1959 on. I looked at the D5000 first but with the D90 having the fixtures that I mentioned above and also having it's own in camera focusing motor made the decision easy for me. The weather here in Newfoundland has been terrible lately so I really have not had a chance to get out and field test the camera but I will. My last three accepted upload were done with the D90, check them out and let me know what you think and I don't mind constructive critique. One of my favorite areas to photograph are waterfalls and the picture you showed is wonderfully done. I find waterfalls fascinating but not because of the waterfall itself but because of the foliage that grows around it.
As far as heights are concerned my wife wishes I has some fear but what I do have is a profound respect of where I am. In my youth I used to free climb a lot and on occasion I still do but at 51 years of age it does not come as easy as it used to be. There is a place here in Newfoundland near where I live and it's called " The Grey Man's Beard " and it's a rock outcropping around 700 feet high and some of my best times have come from taking my camera and free climbing the face of it and watching the sun come up early on a clear summer morning.
Well I've rambled on long enough and here's one of my favorite waterfall images and although it does not have great height it has the colorful foliage that I look for. I look forward to hearing from you again.   Scenic river and waterfall   

January 14, 2010


Glad to hear your safe after the event, but sorry about the camera, however, I think the D90 is a super replacement that will give you much better results than the D60. I am very scared of heights however, when I get the oppertunity to take a picture some of that fear is forgotten (for a while), in the example of this waterfall image, I had to walk a long way down the gorge on a very sheer incline (about 60-70 degrees) which would result in a non stop fall to the bottom had I slipped, on a very narrow footpath in order to get the entire waterfall in the frame with the pool at the bottom, . The funny part is walking down I was actually fine because I was excited about getting the image, however, once all the fun was over and I had what I thought were some decent shots, I was too scared to walk back up the trecherous incline and rocky path. I literally had to force myself to walk out of there before dark (image was taken very late afternoon), otherwise I would have been stuck out on that ridge the entire night :0) Funny now, but not at the time.

 Waterfall Scenic Landscape 

January 14, 2010


Congratulations on becoming exclusive! Thanks for the warning about the waves. We have people killed here in New Zealand, every year from being swept off rocks by supposedly freak waves. They aren't that freak and happen more often than you think. Be careful everyone! Cheers Carol :)

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