Finally, curbside recycling in Calgary

Given this month's assignment theme I'm happy to report that Calgary has FINALLY made the leap to curbside recycling! We received our super large recycling bin last week, and are looking forward to our first pick up at the end of April.

Calgary has had recycling dropoff points all over town but curbside seems likely to get much higher participation rates, given the ease of use. What is your city doing to reduce waste?

While I love the idea of recycling, reducing waste in the first place is even better...

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April 08, 2009


Agreed - I wish we had gone the way of Edmonton and supported the rest with the blue bin type program. That said it is a matter of the apartments hiring a private co to do recycling - the problem of course is that tenants don't have a lot of pull if you end up in a building without recycling...

April 08, 2009


Glad you're loving it. It's unfortunate that the curbside program doesn't serve apartments, businesses or condos. Nice images though. :)

April 08, 2009


nice pics, i'd say these will sell well on here! good luck!

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Photo credits: Brad Calkins.