Finally, I got approved...

I am so happy today. I checked my illustration submission and found that finally I have done it right. I am approved... I'm a newbie to selling stock so getting it right has been a pain.

I started with photos, but I was out of focus mainly because I wasn't using a tripod...

Next I upload some of my colored pencil artwork, but that came back with a might be copyright issue. I think that it may be because I signed them when I finished them and I need to take out the signature. That is the only thing I can figure out with that one.

Next was a piece of clipart that I hand drew, scanned in, and did not pay attention to the details of the scanned lines. (I know I can fix it by tracing over the sketch layer and just redoing my lines).

Finally, after being rejected 17 times, I did my stuff right and my rabbits were approved. I shall be happy all day at work now...

Photo credits: Karen Carter.

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HI Karen,

:) I think our editors can provide further clarifications so as to why they refused your images. You only need to ask support and mention ID. The artwork may have been refused due to your signature but my advice is to always ask when a refusal reason is not clear to you.


Congrats Karen, I am sure it will be one of many to come, hang in there :0)


congrats, great pic too!


Wow! That was snapped up... I'm still bouncing up and down shouting "yah!!!"

I have penguins that are pending and I am working on some whooping cranes...


Hi Karen, 17 times rejected and still you didn't give up, you can find many contributors here DT starting a new blog or thread discussing their anger. Really you have shown everyone that trying hard really pays off. And how about a first sale of the rabbits, You deserve a sale, so here it is.




Congratulations and good luck.


Congratulations Karen!


:) after so many rejections the story looks very funny :) Good luck with your rabbits illustration!

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