Finally making the jump to full frame!!!

After waiting for over a year to see what Canon would produce with their Mark III, I've finally made the jump and ordered a Mark II for a drastic upgrade. While I have no doubt the III is going to be a mind blowing peice of equipment, I think for my particular situation it's a bit overkill and I'm sure I'll be perfectly happy with the II for a $1000 savings. I can't wait to get my 16-35 on a full frame finally.

In the meantime I'll be the one with my face pressed against my front door window eagerly awaiting the arrival of the UPS guy!!!

It's going to be a long 5-9 business days.

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April 12, 2012


Congratulations! I am jealous! Maybe in the near future though. :)

March 21, 2012


Congratulations for the jump ^_^

March 20, 2012


Congratulations. Great jump!

March 20, 2012


Thanks all, I will keep you updated, and hopefully be submitting a lot more work.

March 20, 2012


Once you order, the waiting for it arrive is the longest ever ;)

March 20, 2012


Congrats and good luck with it! :)

March 20, 2012


I'm a Nikon user, but I've heard lots of positive comments about that model of Canon. Can't wait to see the images you produce! You'll have to update us. :)

March 20, 2012


Congrats for your camera !

March 20, 2012


The IQ of FF will blow you eyes out. Be aware of the dust particles on the sensor.

March 20, 2012


That´s great! Enjoy your new camera.

March 19, 2012


Enjoy your new toy once it arrives !

March 19, 2012


Congratulations, enjoy your new camera, you will see a great difference in your work.

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