Finally.. the much awaited First Sale happened

I started uploading images on DT towards end of 2014 and shortly had managed more than 100 pics approved. I used to regularly track my images and saw that most of them were getting frequently viewed but they were not getting downloaded. I thought maybe I am missing some basic trick in my photos and stopped visiting DT. Yesterday i opened DT solely with the aim of looking at some pics i had clicked during my last trip to Switzerland. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked to see that there had been 4 sales during the time i had given up hopes from DT :)

I would advise all budding photographers on DT not to give up hope and keep taking more and more photos. Sales might come soon or late but they will surely come if you persist. All the best to everyone.

Here is my first sold pic:

Tourists enjoying Ski-lift switzerland

Photo credits: Sameer Pradhan.

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June 17, 2015


@Xianghong- thanks so much. you are too kind with your compliments :)
After looking at your photos I feel like coming for a vacation to China.

June 17, 2015


Congrats! You are the best!

June 16, 2015


@Philip- hahaha.. if you thougt i was using some Robocop kind of gadget i am sorry to disappoint you. i was simply sitting in another ski-lift going in a parallel line to the other side :)
@Maria- Thanks so much. Sure is a great feeling

June 16, 2015


Congratulations for you. Such a great feeling isn't ? Wish you best luck on sales..

June 15, 2015


Thanks for the encouragement but I'll like to know where you were when that shot was taken.

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