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Finally my first sale, why not before?

Finally and finally and finally my first sale on dreamstime, but it was very arduous. Maybe some of you review my images and criticize my portfolio.

I'm so glad.I do not know my level rise indicates that this photo, I hope :) and yes I am happy for this. thx

Photo credits: Caner Bozlaker.

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June 06, 2014


thanks a lot, advices and likes my friends. but I wonder how many photos enought for good sale and
so is it possible a few number quality photos provide lot and quick sales?

June 06, 2014


great photo congrats :)

June 06, 2014


Congratulation. I remember that my daily sale started after reaching about 500 pictures. What I can advise you is to keep up. Browse DT database picture to find what do sell and don't including isolated objects etc.. and the keyword for sales is "concept and again concept". If I can give you another advise regarding your portfolio "don't crop too much your models" Good luck

June 06, 2014


Hi, I think getting a sale with only 49 images in your portfolio is pretty good. As Nikon4004 said, you need more. Otherwise your images just get buried way down in searches. Careful keywording helps too.

June 05, 2014


Congratulations and the beginning of many more for you

June 05, 2014


Thank you Mr. Marco and thank you for advice Nikon4004

June 05, 2014


You only have 49 images in your portfolio. Stock is a numbers game. THe more you have for buyers to view, the more chances of a sale. Unless you have the ONLY image of an alien landing in Time Square, it will be hard to make a living with a small quantity of images. Look at the members with the largest amount of sales. they have hunders if not thousands of image on line.

June 05, 2014


very nice pic!!! Congratulations

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