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Finally reached my one year goal!

well its been a long year, (ok.. it was a little over a year!) but I managed to get over 500 images accepted, and my first 100 sales! thanks so much for the support of everyone and all the tips and help along the way. sure is a learning curve to stock and I am still learning!!!

Some things I have learned are:

Relax and enjoy what you do.. meditate even!

Pay attention to the little things

Don't be afraid to look in new places for great ideas

when you fall.. get back up!

Sometimes you have to look up for inspiration

going back in time is a real blast!

the same scene can look totally different in the snow

sometimes its not so easy to stand out!

Happy Easter!

Photo credits: , Susan Sheldon.

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April 04, 2013


he is large and fluffy.. although he is more old and crotchety too! his name is Lumpy

April 04, 2013


Awesome! On a side not, I love your kitty, it looks huge and fluffy!

April 04, 2013


Congratulations! Well done!!!

April 01, 2013


Congratulations, you're doing great.

April 01, 2013


wow, goals for the second year? I know long term I would like to do stock and quit one of my 3 jobs! travel more and still pay the bills... year two I do want to reach a thousand images and be making at least $100 a month. March was my best month with 11 sales for the month. I seem to average about 7-8 most months. I would rather see that per week~!

April 01, 2013


Very Nice Susan !!!! I love the photo you have titled "Water Zen".... i don't know how i missed that one before.

April 01, 2013


Congratulations and well done...I am hoping to be able to maybe reach the 1000 but that remains to be seen. Lovely portfolio you have as well.

April 01, 2013


Congratulations!!! Nice work:) And thank you for sharing your insights.
I am curious-what new goals do you have for your second year?

April 01, 2013


Congrats on your first 100 sales and 500 Uploads! Hope your second year will be even better! Happy Easter to you too! :)

April 01, 2013


Yes, Happy Easter and congratulations to the 100 Sales!

March 30, 2013


Happy Easter & congrats :)

March 30, 2013


Congratulations on your achievements!!!

March 30, 2013


Congratulations in reaching your goal. Good work. A very happy Easter to you as well.

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