FINALLY second picture online

after more than 100 photos upload and refused because of so many problems they accept 1, atleast.

© Didaso

Photo credits: Rachida Essahel.

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thank you augustinas


Congrats ! I had problems with illustrations acceptance so I understand how you feel :)


you right, really i was frustrate and i was thinking to stop sending photos cause im bad photographer, i change my idea when i saw messages from all of you and other blogs, and experience from everyone ,
thanks Afrumgartz and Jdanne


Don't get frustrated by rejections! At the beginning I had many rejections, too. That's the normal learning curve!


I had similar problem. But now, after some thinking have 53 photos online. So - analyse, and upload again.


thank you everyone, really i learned alot , and im still Learning from rejected pictures and from all of you


Well done Rachida. You will learn from the rejections and I am sure your success rate will increase, and you will soon have many more on. All the best to you.


well done, go ahead!


Very good! Congrats!

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