Finally something other than lacrosse...

I was beginning to feel that I would only have my lacrosse photo's downloaded and be known for nothing else.

© Jaboardm ( Help)

© Jaboardm ( Help)

Not that having lots of lacrosse photo's is a bad thing, I would also like to have other talents. Even though I am working on having the largest percentage of lacrosse photo's on this site, and am well on the way there (Currently at 27%) I would like to soon have 50% of the lacrosse images.

This is kind of a difficult goal, as I have the numbers to currently achieve this, but if others are to upload a number of lacrosse images, this would be a welcomed way to miss my goal and wish the best to all...

Since the first non lacrosse photo I have had a few other non lacrosse downloads too. Hope the trend continues.

Photo credits: James Boardman.

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August 07, 2008


Melanie, thank you for the comments. I do greatly enjoy watching the game myself, and only regret all the years I have missed in watching this sport. I find it shocking as to how much a stick can cost, but the amount you spend on one does make a difference in the game they can play.

August 07, 2008


Careful, you may end up wanting to quit your day job!!!

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