Finally uploading photos of people besides my daughters

It took me a while to start thinking about uploading stock beyond just nature,objects,and my daughters. I'm excited to start uploading more photos of people! I'm still not sure what to do though... any suggestions on what is needing? Families, couples, business? I would like to figure out what sells well so I can put my efforts towards that! Any ideas would be great! Thank you!

Photo credits: Jannelle Althoff.

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May 20, 2010


My only models are my gandkids and they have started making terrible faces at the camera. I really need to try other people, but my grandkids are so handy and so cute (just a bit naughty);o).

May 20, 2010


Nice picture. I have your same problem: my only model is my dad at the moment ;)

May 20, 2010


There's a request right now for people traveling, maybe you can get your your nice couple to pose. Travel Thread
For ideas you can always look there... Your daughters are so cute, I understand why you'd want to take so many pictures of them

May 19, 2010


Great pictures and great concept!
My girlfriend says that she wants rain boots like those that your daughter is wearing...she is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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