Find A Strikingly Angle Of View

Dreamstime led me into the gate of photography as well as prompted me realizing the truth of the daily life.

In my portfolio, a photo has been sold for times. Its subject is about Over Loading.

In China, it is very common that most vehicles run with the over loaded cargo. The transportation ability of the nation has been excess for many years already. Meanwhile, the transportation expenses become less and less. The whole industry has fallen into the strange circle of cutthroat competition. So, we can see some fully laden trucks oftentimes. Several years ago, for the reason of my occupation, I often drove on the expressway and the serious situation made me think about it deeply.

I met the trailer with heavy loading at noon, a sunny one of the summer day. It stop at the curb then, other vehicles rushing by.

I felt some distinction of it and stop in front of it. I decided to take it a picture in a special visual angle. In this angle, the trailer would be expressed more strikingly. I moved around the trailer surveying. There were a lots of apparent merchandise marks or logs on the goods and the body of the vehicle. Obviously, it would be difficult to remove all these marks or logs away in the later edition. I should avoid this kind of difficulties. Finally, I focused on the wheels and snapped then.

After a easy editing I uploaded the photo and passed finally. I was satisfied with it certainly.

Photo credits: Buford Wong.

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December 09, 2010


Not a conventional image, but I guess it will work well for microstock sales... Good luck.

December 09, 2010


Is a nice point of view, the image in my opinion can be used even more and therefore sell more!!!

December 09, 2010


Great pic.

December 08, 2010


I see a series of wheel tyres leading on in the photo. That's the first thing i note when i see the picture. Hope this photo sell well.

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