Finding Dreamstime Stock Images to use within my Graphical Designs

For my first post here in my Dreamstime blog i wanted to mention the one thing that frustrates me the most about stock photos...

I would love it if Photographers would not zoom in so much upon their subject. As a raw image i can perform my own zooming in photoshop. And the issue is that when i am working on a clients project and they want, for example, an image of a business woman looking over a computer. What happens is i find strong images but all size are cut off but maybe one side. I would love it as a buyer of stock images if the photographers would back up and include (if possible) all areas - top, bottom, left and right. 4 sides are better than 3...and 3 sides are better than 2...etc :)

Example - only 1 side not cropped (top)

Example - no cropping (viewable: top/bottom/left/right)

For most projects i spend hours looking for that perfect image that i can work with best. But it all works out because Dreamstime has so many photographers and stock images that i always find what will make the client happy.

I have deep appreciation for Dreamstime - Thank you. Richie

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Photo credits: Alanpoulson.

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March 23, 2011


Thank you for the "view from your side of the fence" Richie ! I, for one tend to crop to make a "good photograph" rather than provide a good image that can be used to be part of a great advertising image.
After a few refusals, I am now taking photos and cropping to leave "space".
Many thanks, Dave.

March 13, 2011


Thank you all for your comments. I did not know about the approval process from DT. It would be nice if they allow the photographers to submit a cropped and un-cropped version. Maybe a better example was a client who was in a rush for a design and wanted a particular image of a lady - but he wanted the 'whole' upper body. In this image 2 sides were visible. Top and Right. So i had to recreate her left arm from the right. Oh and the one comment about contacting the photographer to see if they have a raw versions - i thought of that before, but normally my turn around time is so fast that i have to find another image to suggest to the client. But i will do this next time if time is allowed. Again, Thanks for all the comments

March 11, 2011


Good article.

March 11, 2011


Great information to know

March 10, 2011


Maybe there are many buyers who think like this: " Let the photographer do the crop, he know a lot more things about the golden ration than me..." :D

March 10, 2011


It is best to get the balance right. A lot of my best sellers are tight crops..I think they stand out in the small thumbnail. The best idea would be to upload two similar versions (not the same ,that wouldn't be accepted) One cropped and one not. If I had a studio with the room to shoot full length, that is what I would do. Thanks for your input :)

March 09, 2011


I agree with your comment. As a photographer I am always trying to balance what Dreamstime is looking for and what the designer wants. Unfortunately, many times I post photos that I think will sell (for reasons you stated) only to have Dreamstime reject them for poor composition.

March 09, 2011


Have you tried contacting the owner of the images you like but are too tightly cropped? Chances are they will still have the uncropped image availble that they could upload to the site for you.

I have tried adding cropped and uncropped images and uncropped has little success in acceptance.

March 09, 2011


Alvera - I think it's a great idea to submit 2 photos - 1 with all 4 sides and 1 cropped≥ I think this would drive your approval rating UP!

March 09, 2011


It is refreshing and great to get the thoughts of people using our images, thanks for taking the time :)

March 09, 2011


Thank you! We need more specific comments like this from buyers.

March 08, 2011


Thanks! :-)

March 08, 2011


As a photographer and a user of images I could not agree more as well and if you do upload images that are NOT tightly cropped they get rejected, Dreamstime should encourage more shots like this. The really simple way to demostrate this is in the Christmas card type images that are online there is no Bleed on most of
them so when one tries to use them you either have to loose part of the image in the bleed or have a white border around something that should bleed.

March 08, 2011


Good point, but loosing resolution don't matter for you? Four sides for a business woman? The desk and the floor is more important than her smile at high quality? I think this is good for web design but if someone want only her head? The buyer must choose a bigger size for more money. Just a thought. In the future I will consider to make a 4 sides picture and another one cropped; but I think my approval ratio will fall down.

March 08, 2011


It's always good to have buyers' feedback :)

March 08, 2011


I agree very much with Rich's statement! I do like to be able to crop my own images.

March 07, 2011


Thanks for sharing, good to know!

March 07, 2011


Good to know..thank you!

March 07, 2011


Thanks for sharing!

March 07, 2011


Good to know the clients needs...

March 07, 2011


Thanks for the info :)

March 07, 2011


A very good information

March 07, 2011


Thanks for the tip. I always crop 1 side (bottom). I'll try not to crop

March 07, 2011


Thanks for the info. It would really help if the buyers would post info like this so we photographers can give you want you want. Otherwise we just guess.

March 07, 2011


Agree on this one (and one of the reasons why most of my pictures get rejected - tight cropping)

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