Finding A Good Subject for Your Photo

Finding a subject for your photo can be a challenging and even frustrating thing, but if you know tricks for finding a subject it won't be hard for you.

Once you start looking through the lens of a camera you enter the magical world of photography where you notice things that you have never even thought of before but then you're sitting with your camera and the question hits you again, 'what should I take a photo of?' if you have ever asked yourself this question then here is your answer.

Try to look for unlikely subjects like my personal favorite, a flower. If you want a good place to find subjects, take a stroll around a park where you might find subjects such as flowers, trees and people. I particularly enjoy flowers because they express many emotions if you take a very close look such as in photography. If you are trying to find amazing flowers try going outside in the early morning as the sun is starting to rise and you will find beautiful dew covered flowers that make amazing photographic subjects.

Trees make amazing subjects because they make interesting shapes with their branches that can make them seem brave and proud or thin and puny. Finally, if you want to photograph humans try to look for people wearing interesting clothes or doing interesting things and through experience I found that if you are looking through a camera lens you will find people that you wish you were friends with. Good luck on your subject scavenging!

Crying Flower

Photo credits: Tian Valenzuela.

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November 24, 2014


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