Finding Hidden Treasures

After I have reviewed my photographs from one of my photography outings I will burn a dvd with all the original files even if they are good or bad. I have several hundred DVDs which normally I do not go back through unless I need to for some reason. Well I decided to start reviewing those old files again and started to find hidden treasures that I might be able to use on Dreamstime. I can not believe I missed some of these shots the first time around of reviewing but I am pleased to say that my looking has been paying off for me cause now I am starting to get a majority of the ones that I have found so far approved for stock photos. So far I have only looked through 6 DVDs so I have not even put a dent in my dvd collection but I have found several that I like. Can't wait to look through more of my old files when ever I get a chance. :)

Here are some of the hidden treasures that I found:

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December 03, 2008


Great Idea, time to get those cds out and look at some of the old images.

December 03, 2008


Thanks :) I came up with the idea of reviewing old photos because it has been cold and gloomy here lately or I have been sick on really beautiful days so I have not been out lately working on my photography. Hopefully in the next week I can start going through more of my old photos.

December 03, 2008


good idea, these are great shots!!

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Photo credits: , Susan Pettitt.