Finding images in use on the web.

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I know I would be interested in knowing how and where my images are being used. I thought many of you might also be interested. I have found that if you run a search for:

"Photo courtesy of Dreamstime" (In quotes) you will find quite a few links to pages that have used images downloaded here. One site in particular keeps showing up and it is the , "How Stuff Works", web site. I found a treasure chest full of Dreamstime images. Here are just two. There are many!

Here's a link to the site, copy and paste it or just search by the name of the site. How Stuff Works.

Photo credits: Monika Wisniewska, Karenr.

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Nice pictures!
I've seen some of them in use here, here and here.


thanks...nice site and really nice idea;D!


Thanks Peg, can't wait to check it out.


Thank you. I will have to check it out. :)


thanks how stuff works used to be my favorite website great to coonect with it again thanks for the tips.D


thanks for this.. i wonder were they the ones that gave me my first and as of yet.. only download...?? will have to have a look! !


That is so cool! And, if you click on the links within the links, you find even more. Thanks for the tip. Got more information this way that just the name in quotes and then Dreamstime.

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