Finding images in use on the web

I know I would be interested in knowing how and where my images are being used. I thought many of you might also be interested. I have found that if you run a search using your username@Dreamstime you may just find a couple. Example, I searched for Irisangel@Dreamstime and came up with these.

This web site used this image for Mothers Day. (this site used this image)

Just found another one:

Photo credits: Irisangel.

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August 28, 2009


Thank you! You inspire me. Have a great day.


August 20, 2009


Thanks so much for your comment! I really appreciate your comment. Your work is beautiful and very attractive. Keep up.

South Africa

August 12, 2009


That is great Danielle, The Saturday evening post is a very famous publication in the USA

August 04, 2009


I find on of mine here

July 29, 2009


Thats great, I know it's a long shot, but it's always exciting to see one of your images in use.

July 24, 2009


I find one of mine, in a travel magazine:

July 23, 2009


Congratulations,my friend!

July 16, 2009


Wow!! Thanks for the tip! I'll try it to see how my images are being used.

July 15, 2009


It is nice to find where our images are being used. Congratulations on finding some of yours. It's even nicer when they give credit like with your dolphin image. I'm sure you'll find many more.

Best regards,

July 14, 2009


thanks for the tip and susan's tip. peter

July 14, 2009


My grandson told me to use igoogle and I found more thru them. Don't know why....

July 14, 2009


Cool, but the search is not working with me :(
Thanks anyway.

Cheers ;)

July 14, 2009


Thanks Alec, I did see that one, but it has the DT watermark on it so it wasn't actually bought, just Downloaded by right clicking, which is not legal, but it does link back to my portfolio, so I don't think it's worth the effort to complain about it.

July 14, 2009


i haven't found any of my own, probably because i have so few sales, but i did find another one of irisangel's photos along with many others at
cheers for the tip anyway

July 14, 2009


Thanks Irisangel for finding this one that sold for $50.00! I was wondering who bought it.


July 14, 2009


Thanks for the search tip. I will try it!

July 14, 2009


Well found Irisangel I have never searched and found quite a few on the first few pages.

July 14, 2009



July 14, 2009


Cheers for the info, I'll have a look too :0)

July 14, 2009


Hey, thanks for the tip. I tried this with Google, no result (yet)... Then with the new Bing search engine from Microsoft and found one of mine: Rocky Beach !

July 14, 2009


It's always nice to find some! I never searched with "@". And I'll do it righ now!

July 13, 2009


Congratulations on finding your images and thanks for the tip! Cheers, Marilyn

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