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Recently I have been looking for inspiration. Everywhere I go I see things that inspire me to create an illustration. Currently my list of projects is much longer that the time that I have available but I like always having something to work on.

I have also been looking for inspiration from inside the DT ranks. I found a contributor, I will not name any names, but their work is great and it shows from their stats. This contributors number of files online and total sales is something that I can only dream about, hence Dreamstime? Anyway, I have been watching this contributors stats daily for the last couple of days and they had 32 sales so far this weekend. I would be happy to get 32 sales in a month never mind a weekend! The point is that watching this contributors stats has given me inspiration to push harder to grow my portfolio and become a better artist. There are people out there that are making a good go at this and reaping the benefits. There are always people that are negative and say that this business is dead. From what I have seen this weekend I would have to say they are wrong.

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February 27, 2012


Some of the images in the portfolio account a large number of downloads, much more than others, so hopefuly you will get some of those as you upload.

February 22, 2012


I agree! They are wrong! The business is far from dead and it will never be to late to join since the media, fashion, industries and news changes by year. I think if Dreamstime would stop getting new images they would see a drop in selling year by year. I also look for other profiles and I did the same check. :) I write down the sales an look what they sold in a month and then calculate the sales to amount of images ratio of that person. And the more images does not mean they are better at stock. I have seen members with less than 1000 images sell more in a month than someone with 3000 images. Good luck with getting inspiration! :)

February 21, 2012


We all can get inspiration by looking how well others are doing. Good luck.

February 21, 2012



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