Finding that one good image

I'm about to launch my start-up, BOOKANAUT, which is a booking platform for sport and heath professionals, so that their customers easily can find them online. My vision is to be more than a booking platform, therefor, I will focus all my communication on helping people take the first step. Many of us know that we need to exercise more and that we need to loose wight. However, many of us just do get around doing it...

The slogan of BOOKANAUT will be take the first step, and I'm currently looking for a great headline image for my website. I have been looking at these images:

Step aerobic

Close-up of woman athlete feet and shoes while running in park

However, they don't really catch the essence of what I want to communicate, so I would like to know if you have any other ideas.

Please just shoot.



Photo credits: Bogdan Hoda, Sumalee Limtang.


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Your article must be written in English

May 19, 2016


Thanks - I will consider the image:-)

April 25, 2016


Hi Jakob,
There is one about students who are taking their skateboards to their educational school so that to ride on fresh air when returning home after lessons. I’m not sure if it’s suitable for the headline but actually it’s about ordinary boys found a moment and a place for exercises though something dangerous place :)
   Boy with skateboard on the road   

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