Finding opportunities for stock in what seems to be not

I was at a shopping mall one day to try my hands on shooting some runway shots. It was my first and probably last as I got bored of it. It didn't mean a thing to have the faces of the models and clothes I won't buy kept in my harddisk. At least that is me.


So, there I was. Initially at the centre, sounds good but not. I was mobbed by photographers who were already in front hogging the best views for frontal shots. Well the sides were available, the runway was a small one, made like a horse racing track that ran both ways parallel to each other. I took the right side.

The models did pose along the way and even to the sides. Actually I felt it was better because of the fewer photographers, the chances of getting eye contact in the picture is higher compared to the centre where every single camera is vying for attention.

Well well. As I shot thoughts kept running through my mind, why am I shooting this for, might as well try to shoot for stock. This was what occurred when all the flash when on at the center stage.

I did try to capture some flashes going off but to no avail but I pressed on and had pictures that didn't had any flash. Photoshop came in and eureka! the flashes are on, it helped to cover the faces of the photographers somemore, no model release!

Stock minded. Anywhere, anytime. *winks*

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Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

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November 15, 2007


icic, thanks for the input and sharing :D

November 09, 2007


wow 10k! i'm glad mine is free but i doubt it can compare with that photo in terms of quality and pure intentions!

November 08, 2007


This is exactly the right attitude: take advantage of the situation that you are put in. Shooting from the back, eliminated the model release issue and so did the flashes over the photographer. I know a photographer that set up a similar shot and the shoot cost well over $10,000 for the day. Congratulations you have created a valuable shot that should be downloaded again and again!

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