Finding out who you are

I am no pro at photography..Being still fresh at this, trying to find out who you are as a photographer finally comes to play.

I know I am not a landscape photographer, I know I am not a studio photographer.. What I am is a detailed photographer. Close up photographer. I love to capture the details of people: the eyes, emotions, and expressions. I love to capture the details of plants and flowers: water drops on the leaves, fresh blooms, the sunlight and shade that essense the plants and flowers. I love to capture the details of animals: expressions, eyes, fur, hair. I love to capture the details of objects: Old cars, old buildings, memories, textures, metal and rust.

I like to take those photos and edit them. Create a more emotional attachment and meaning to the photo, giving it more essence and depth.

As seen here:

Old Car

* now that I have erased all my other photos in the

Find out what type of photographer you are and who you are. Then bloom!

Again, this is just me and what works for me as a photographer, as this could work for you or just maybe not work for you..

When I had my online magazine.. which I miss doing.. I had an interview with Miguel Heredia.. (graphic artist) and what words stuck in my head and will always be with me.. was "Persevere" . He taught me to never give up creativity.

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January 12, 2008


Well I can't edit this link..
Sorry.. I will put the correct link soon
This link goes to the photo gallery for
Lachesis Sight Paranormal Investigation and Research..
My husband and I are members of..
Those are photos I took of a house.

January 11, 2008


Wow, your blog is very emotional yet simple... Thanks for the words, you inspire to do things that i want to do, not what I need to do.. Now I can make a more creative shots of my Acura Integra Headers without thinking of what others will say to me... Thanks alice...

August 07, 2007


After reading your "blog" I think you just kicked my focus back into position. Thanks...I almost forgot why I do this for fun.


July 28, 2007


Thank you from the bottom of my heart! '-)
Miguel is an awesome dude.. talented and creative... and wonderful person to interview.. '-)

That car is gone now.. '-( but I am glad I got some shots of it.

July 27, 2007


alice i understand completely about detail photography, i am right there with you. i am waiting on a macro lens. i have been pining away after the intricate details in each shot i take.

you have such a wonderfully creative eye for images and what they can become. persevere is such a powerful word.

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