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At the beginning, I just want to put a disclaimer that this is not sponsored article and I don't have any interest relations with the software creator or their business. Just want to share my discovery to those who didn't know about it.

Many of us would like to know how and where our work is used in real life. While it is a bit difficult to find printed materials, you can use Google to search for image by your name in case that user put any credits to your image. Most of the time this will fail too. So here is another way to try to locate your images if they are used on Internet.

It is interesting reverse image search engine named TinEye. They claim that they developed an algorithm that stores many images from internet in a way that it is searchable. The neat thing is that it searches for images by template. You can upload your image and TinEye will try to find your image somewhere on internet based on image itself.

Another thing which I like the most that they developed plug-in (available for Chrome and Firefox the moment), which gives you right click ability. So you don't need to upload your image, just browse to any image on Dreamstime, right click on it and click Search image on TinEye.

So there are three ways for searching: upload image from your machine, enter the url of the image (you can get it by right click on image and see the image information), or use plugin which I see as the easyest way.

And finally, you are limited to 50 searches daily or some amount weekly (150, I think). They offer kind of paid version, but I am quite satisfied with free version.

I installed plugins and tried search on my images. Found some :) It doesn't matter if the image size iz different, and not all images will give results. Anyhow, to test functionality I tried to search some of the most downloaded images from DT. Result number is pretty smaller then downloads number but I guess it is normal. Right click searching works even from dreamstime thumbnails.

There is an interesting option in result which is called Compare. If the image is not exactly the same you can use this tool to switch between your template image and result image. You may discover some derivative work on the image this way. In results, you will get a link to web page for every image found.

Ok and the link:

So, I hope this interesting tool may help you to find some of your images if they are used on someones web pages.

Photo credits: , Haywiremedia.

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Very interesting........ Will check it out. Thanks!


Great! Thanks for sharing!


Great info, thanks for sharing.


What if your images are being printed on something and not used on the Internet ?


I tried with a dozen images but without any luck..:-(


Thank you for this one! I will give it a try!


I will try it! Thanks for share!


I have used tineye for Firefox and it is great... Really useful.


Thanka for this - time to have a hunt around!


@Davulcu - i guess that image fundus on internet very much exceeds TinEye database. Anyhow, it yields zero, this doesnt mean that your image doesn't exist anywhere. I think that this tool will grow over time. Anyhow I have 88 images on dt, and i search for them all. Found only two. One looks like regularly bought, and another one is used as illustration on some forum but with DT watermark. On the other side, I never ever found any of my images using any other method.


Thank you for this good tip... I'll try it soon :)


I never mind where my images are being used but I have searched a few times as everybody does ( I must confess )

My conclusion is about to call it "Tin Lie" since it yields always 0 results


@Shopartgallerycom - If tool find your image then look under image in result, you should see "Compare" link, it opens in kind of popup window. Maybe if image is exactly the same you dont get that option because there is nothing to compare.


I will try it. Thanks.


thank you I will try this.Not sure if I have the plug-in.I use chrome

Yes I did it found one already..So cool


But I have not the Compare option...Can u help me to find it?


Yes, I use TinEye for Firefox too and is good.


Thanks for this article. I didn't realize there was a plug in that would work that easily. I think I'm going to go get it right now :)

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