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Hi there,

I am very glad to announce you that DT has just accepted some of my travel images from Firenze. You remember when I asked you to give some good points of this city? :)

Well, after waiting more than 10 days for approval here they are :)

Here are some the accepted ones.

And if I learned something from this experience it was this: get quicker in the point where you want your gold image :) I refer at golder hours. However I was alone in the city, had to come there by train. Ah, and always take good clothes with you. I caught a very cold weather and I took a light jacket thinking that in Italy is not so cold :P

However, it was cold only in the evening. I had a great time. Thanks to the Lord.

PS: ah, and I should have a better tripod :|

Photo credits: Adrian Alexa.

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January 20, 2013


Well done! I reallty love Firenze so, Congrats!

January 20, 2013


Congratulations, beautiful images.

January 20, 2013


Beautiful images, congratulations Adrian!

January 19, 2013


Well done!Congratulations,Adrian!Keep upload!

January 19, 2013


Nice night shots! Keep up the great work!

January 19, 2013


Lejoch, the pictures are taken in November. When I started from Lastra a Signa, it looked to be a very sunny day. So I only took a light jacket. I had with my but in hotel room a winter jacket, too ;)

January 19, 2013


Did you think in Florence it's not cold? Have a look: this was two years ago...Florence with snow

January 19, 2013


Congratulations-great photos. Hope the sales come to you soon.

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