Well!! The past few weeks have been eventful. Among the things that have happened to me includes the fact that I have had a virus or some bacterial infection that left me weak and not wanting to do anything. All I could do was go to work and come home and sleep for 10 hours. Now I'm feeling better and am anxious to start taking photos again.

Before I got sick, I got brave again and decided to download new information into my Olympus E510 camera. I had seen something called firmware that would update all the programming and lenses for the camera. Needless to say,I was terrified to do this. I had read that if anything goes wrong during the download process, your camera would just freeze up and you would have to send it in to the repair department at the Olympus headquarters. Since I planned on getting a new camera in the future anyway, I decided to go ahead and download the firmware update. I really didn't give a darn (sp) if anything happened or not. I accomplished the download with each of the lenses I have. The results have been subtle, but there is a definite improvement in the quality of images I have been taking.

It was worth it to download the updates, and now I won't hesitate to make any updates that are necessary to improve the quality of the images.

I also purchased the lens that was suggested to me by a few of the readers of my blog. While waiting to buy the new Olympus E5 camera, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Zuiko digital 12-60 mm SWD lens which is supposed to work well with the E5 camera. Again, the difference is subtle, but there is a definite improvement in the quality of the images captured by the camera I have. Now I need to round up my models again for the photo shoots I had planned a while back. I hope they are still willing to do the shoots.

Photo credits: William Ardrey.

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October 14, 2010


Wish you to have more happy moments.

October 14, 2010


very nice

October 13, 2010


Thanks Egomezta. Thanks Physi28

October 13, 2010


Fine that after all the problems and panics now things go smoothly! Happy to hear that!

October 13, 2010


I'm glad you now are feeling much better.... Go out and take many images as soon as you can.

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