First 10 sales!

Nothing solves a dearth of ideas like an increase in sales! The best motivation is undeniably appreciation.

Since I moved to Los Angeles about 2 months ago I have been establishing monthly goals to overcome in terms of portfolio expansion, and so far I have been doing pretty good achieving my set of goals ahead of time. Although lately I have not devoted as much time for my camera as I would like to, or mostly just making excuses not to shoot due to the lack of inspiration. However, having made it my daily habit to log into Dreamstime I have also noticed my increase in sales the last week which has boosted my motivation pushing me back on track! The feeling of that your images actually fulfilles a purpose and are being appreciated makes for an improvement in my weekly production of material.

At the time of writing this article I am in the midst of planning excursions for the following weeks on which I will most definitely bring my camera along.

Here is some of my latest uploads. I have a lot yet to learn but I am getting better by the day!

Mountain peak in clouds

Catalina Island

Sunbeds by the pool

Interior design

Photo credits: Dahlskoge.

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Congrats! If you increase the level of picture quality also increases sales so do not give up and continued to take pictures and apply yourself .. Selling certainly helps motivation;-)


great idea!


Congrats! Great work and beautiful photos


Beautiful images, great work and congrats stick with it.


goals are such a good way to get where we want to go! one step at a time. good luck, you have a wonderful start


Good luck and enjoy in your work.


Congratulations, that's great. Enjoy your first 10 sales.


Keep up good work wish you always stay on track ;)

Im still waiting for my first sale so congratiulations 10 sounds very nice !


You will do the best soon! Congrats!


Welcome to LA, you are going to love it here. Good luck with your endeavors.


Good Luck and Nice Work !


Congrats! You've got some great photot's!

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