first 100 on DT

Today my 100th image was approved!!! And it's really nice. It's my first achievement in stock, I think) Object is very hackneyed and maybe this image won't bring me any sales and moneyб иге зщкеащдшщ growes and its 100th image))) To my mind next milestones should be 500 images till the end of summer, it seems to be possible goal)

The only thing that confuses me is that 30 images were rejected during these 6 days... that's a pity and some rejections were a little surprise for me. For example I uploaded a bunch of editorial images from auto show and a lot of them were declined as similar while there were all different and intresting cars...

But don't let down now, stand up and go forward. Everything is


Ohhh, I completely forget!!! One more pleasant thing happend to me in first days of may. My image is only one step from second level and its only for 2 months taking into consideration my portfolio size))) It's really exciting, when you see that somebody rather regular uploads one of your images))

Photo credits: Dmitry Tsvetkov.

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May 09, 2010


Congratulations Dmitry! I also hit the 100 milestone recently ;)))

May 07, 2010


well done! :D

May 06, 2010


Congratulations :)

May 06, 2010


Congratulations! Keep uploading. Great images!

May 06, 2010


Congratulations Dmitry.... Keep them loading....

May 06, 2010



May 06, 2010


Goldution, thanks)) we have huge summer holidays, something about 2 months & I also hope for my trip to Canarias)) Also studying have never stoped students)))

May 06, 2010


Congratulations.... I know it feels good as I also hit the 100 mark last week. Hope to see lots more of your work and the sales will follow :-)


May 06, 2010


Congrats, Dmitry!!! Just make sure that when you upload that fast you wont forget about your studies at Saint-Pet polytechnical university :))
Greetings! Dmitry.

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