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I finally made it, I got my first 100 photos uploaded and accepted to DT, as most of beginners my approval ration is around 50% and climbing slowly, I noticed that as long as I have people in the frame and model release attached the photo almost never gets rejected.

My sales are growing slowly and what is selling is definitely not what I have expected. 0ver 90% of my portfolio are people and till today 4 out of 9 sales that I have are with people.

So here comes the question, is it really true that people sell better then other photos? I know that some have build a successful micro stock business mostly on people photography - Yuri Arcurs for example. But since there are so many big names photographing people out there then maybe there is little space for such small players like me.

Photo credits: Zenonk.

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congrats and good luck with the next milestone




Congratulations, well done.


Congratulations! I think it depends on the picture and what the buyer looks for, whether there are people shot or not. Certainly hope there's room for everybody out there :)


well done! keep up your good work!


Congratulations on your milestone!! As far as your question, out of my top sellers, only one or two are of people. I do know that lifestyle images are usually top sellers, so yes, people doing everyday type thing shots are very much in demand. Like you, I'm definitely small potatoes and can't churn out tons of people shots either. Most of mine are of my family and a few friends. I'm going to try to up my people shots though, so perhaps we'll see. Best of luck to you and happy shooting! I would also say that there is room for everyone in stock, even small potatoes. You just need to generate images where there are needs. :)


well done!!


Great portfolio! Congratulations!






Congratulations !!


Congratulations for your small but beautiful portfolio! Photographs with people selling, but there are so many elements: background, model or models photogenic, what they do, style, technique, etc.. etc.. To say that the photographs with the people they sell more than the other is too simplistic, at least in my personal opinion! Greetings ^ _ ^

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