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First 100 sales!!

Finally!!! After breaking so many "press F5 key" and angry "COME ON, sales!!!!!!!!" personal records, here comes the 100 sale winner:

Thank you Dreamstime! Thank you buyers!

Photo credits: Sebastiangh.

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August 03, 2013


Congratulations, keep it up!!!

August 02, 2013


Congratulations, good job.

August 02, 2013



August 02, 2013


Thank you all!! Best wishes and more and more sales!! :)

August 01, 2013


Well done! Congratulations!

August 01, 2013


Nice job, I like your portfolio. Good luck.

July 31, 2013


Well done and good luck for the next 100 sales. Good work.

July 31, 2013


Yep...and whack!....if I still have a century....:)to get to 100 sales...I like your picture with the tram station!I photographed it during the day, not at night:[imgl]30786518[/imgl] , [imgl]30786504[/imgl] , [imgl]30786434[/imgl]
Whack!It seems the night is much more spectacular and sell well!I really need to make time for a night photo session![imgr]30779046[/imgr]Congratulations and good luck for the next 100 sales!

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