First accepted image from new lens bought from first payout

A short while ago my balance went over the magic $100 for the first time and I was able to request a payout. I put the money towards a lens I have been wanting for some time, a Sigma 10-20mm zoom.

This is the first image from that lens to be accepted on Dreamstime.

Not content with just the one purchase I yesterday ordered a Nikon DX 40mm micro. That arrived this morning - I have not even opened the box yet. I bought that for the macro facility, and also for the lightness and image quality that should come from a prime lens. Hopefully that will provide many more acceptable images.

Photo credits: Neil Machin.

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June 09, 2013


Excellent. It's good to invest in quality glass. Lenses make a HUGE difference! Congrats on your payout, many more to come I think!

June 08, 2013


Nice! Good luck with future uploads from your new lenses!

June 08, 2013


Nice picture!

June 08, 2013


Nice pic. Congratulations on your first payout!!!

June 08, 2013


Nice:). I'm still longing for my first payout:)

June 07, 2013


Very nice!!!

June 07, 2013


Nice image! Congrats!

June 07, 2013


Congrats, nice photo.

June 07, 2013


Congratulations, it's a great image.

June 07, 2013



June 07, 2013


Your business strategy sounds like a page out of the Internet start up book. ;-)

New equipment purchases certainly give one an incentive to produce more work to pay for them. The trick is to keep the earnings ahead of the purchases - certainly a tough challenge! Have fun!

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